Consumption / Destruction

Consumption/Desctruction, my first exhibition, was shown in Middelburg Netherlands. Part of PhoRA (the photography club of Roosevelt Academy—I was the chair), our exhibition titled Provocations was featured as part of Roosevelt Academy’s Culture week and held at Revolution Gallery in Middelburg. The Provocations exhibition was also spotlighted on local Dutch television station TV Walcheren.

The concept consumption/destruction is a commentary on consumer society. Using everyday Western practices such as eating, driving, smoking, and interacting, the photos explore the base of consumerism—pleasure and satisfaction—juxtaposed against its hidden, darker side—destruction and unattainable happiness. Consumption as destruction, destruction as consumption.

ConsumptionDestruction-1 ConsumptionDestruction-2 ConsumptionDestruction-3 ConsumptionDestruction-4 ConsumptionDestruction-5 ConsumptionDestruction-6 ConsumptionDestruction-7