in transit | N21 the nightbus project

The works shown here were part of my final dissertation from the MA Photography and Urban Cultures program at Goldsmiths College, University of London, London UK. The premise behind this project was looking at how people utilized the bus and performed identities in the liminal space of night bus route N21. The final dissertation is titled Liminality, Frontiers, and Performed Identities on Night Bus Route N21.

For this project I would stay awake until 1:00am and then get on the N21 route and go either inbound to Trafalgar Square or outbound towards Bexleyheath Shopping Centre, alighting at the terminus and getting back on the bus going the other direction. With my trusty energy drink in tow I would then ride to the other end of the route and then home again, arriving home around 4:30am. I rode the bus infrequently to stagger the results, but I rode at least twice for each day of the week.

All photographs were taken with a Nikon FM3A and 50mm f1.8 lens, and 400 ISO black and white film. Black and white film was chosen because the negative image is metaphorically connected to that of night. Furthering the negative metaphor in connection with the night is the black and white film whereby black is night and white is day.

8 of the images below were selected and shown at Shop 14 Truman Brewery in London UK. My accompanying final visual project (book) can be purchased from blurb.

InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-1 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-2 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-3 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-4 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-5 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-6 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-7 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-8 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-9 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-10 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-11 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-12 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-13 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-14 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-15 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-16 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-17 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-18 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-19 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-20 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-21 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-22 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-23 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-24 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-25 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-26 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-27 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-28 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-29 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-30 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-31 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-32 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-33 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-34 InTransitN21TheNightBusProject-35