Protesting the Protest

These images were taken during one of the student protests concerning the raising of tuition fees in London UK during the spring of 2011. While walking around as a passive participant in the protest I became less sympathetic to the cause. Seeing the amount of waste and disregard for the environment disgusted me. Instead of photographing people I became much more enamoured with the signage waste strewn across every surface imaginable and captured that instead. I wanted to try and capture both the facelessness of mass protest yet at the same time show the mass waste caused by the protest (which in turn will have to be cleaned up and will in no way enhance the protestor’s cause, and will also cost money—again hurting the protestor’s cause). I used these images to protest the protest.

These images were shown as part of a collective showing at the Museum of London, London UK.

ProtestingTheProtest-1 ProtestingTheProtest-2 ProtestingTheProtest-3 ProtestingTheProtest-4 ProtestingTheProtest-5 ProtestingTheProtest-6 ProtestingTheProtest-7 ProtestingTheProtest-8 ProtestingTheProtest-9 ProtestingTheProtest-10 ProtestingTheProtest-11 ProtestingTheProtest-12 ProtestingTheProtest-13 ProtestingTheProtest-14 ProtestingTheProtest-15 ProtestingTheProtest-16 ProtestingTheProtest-17 ProtestingTheProtest-18 ProtestingTheProtest-19 ProtestingTheProtest-20