Portraits of Brick Lane

This project started as a walk-about of Brick Lane in London, UK. I was fascinated with the people that frequented and worked there: they all had such interesting styles and looks about them. These images though, in no way capture the full spectrum of those subjects often seen in Brick Lane. They do however give a taste of the variety of characters one might happen upon on a Saturday or Sunday walk down the lane.

PortraitsOfBrickLane-1 PortraitsOfBrickLane-2 PortraitsOfBrickLane-3 PortraitsOfBrickLane-4 PortraitsOfBrickLane-5 PortraitsOfBrickLane-6 PortraitsOfBrickLane-7 PortraitsOfBrickLane-8 PortraitsOfBrickLane-9 PortraitsOfBrickLane-10 PortraitsOfBrickLane-11 PortraitsOfBrickLane-12