Street Portraits Black and White

Here is a collection of street portraits taken with my Yashica MAT124G. Some of these shots have stories, some of them don’t. Most of these were taken in Toronto. I find the capturing of these images in black and white strips the facade of colour from the person while allowing for the binary of black and white, good and evil, day and night, truth and lie to come to the surface and speak for the person. Their inner soul and not their outer colours.

StreetPortraitsBW-1 StreetPortraitsBW-2 StreetPortraitsBW-3 StreetPortraitsBW-4 StreetPortraitsBW-5 StreetPortraitsBW-6 StreetPortraitsBW-7 StreetPortraitsBW-8 StreetPortraitsBW-9 StreetPortraitsBW-10 StreetPortraitsBW-11 StreetPortraitsBW-12 StreetPortraitsBW-13 StreetPortraitsBW-14 StreetPortraitsBW-15 StreetPortraitsBW-16 StreetPortraitsBW-17 StreetPortraitsBW-18 StreetPortraitsBW-19 StreetPortraitsBW-20 StreetPortraitsBW-21 StreetPortraitsBW-22