Black and White

These images are a collection of the urban. Taken with a variety of cameras in a variety of locations, the images seek to not only capture an image, but to create a dialogue between the viewer and the viewed. I hope these images ask more questions than they give answers. There is a range of dialogues going on with these images: sad, happy, lonely, fulfilled, WTF, love, hate, lust, chastity… they should give pause but at the same time take action in your mind, in your soul. Sometimes though, they’re just plain, ole’ fun(ny) shots that make you smile.

UrbanBW-1 UrbanBW-2 UrbanBW-3 UrbanBW-4 UrbanBW-5 UrbanBW-6 UrbanBW-7 UrbanBW-8 UrbanBW-9 UrbanBW-10 UrbanBW-11 UrbanBW-12 UrbanBW-13 UrbanBW-14 UrbanBW-15 UrbanBW-16 UrbanBW-17 UrbanBW-18 UrbanBW-19 UrbanBW-20 UrbanBW-21 UrbanBW-22 UrbanBW-23 UrbanBW-24 UrbanBW-25