Sometimes black and white isn’t able to capture the essence of the scene. Colour gives an added layer to an image; another aspect to question and analyze. Yet, it also answers questions by merely having a hue. As a photographer it’s oftentimes difficult to choose to shoot in either black and white or colour, you often just go with your gut, and often it’s right. That being said, most, if not all of the shots here were taken in colour and left that way. Very few of my colour images actually get converted to black and white in camera or post. What you envision when shooting is what you should shoot. It’s much easier to do this with a film camera since you can’t really change film halfway through a roll.

UrbanColour-1 UrbanColour-2 UrbanColour-3 UrbanColour-4 UrbanColour-5 UrbanColour-6 UrbanColour-7 UrbanColour-8 UrbanColour-9 UrbanColour-10 UrbanColour-11 UrbanColour-12 UrbanColour-13 UrbanColour-14 UrbanColour-15 UrbanColour-16 UrbanColour-17 UrbanColour-18 UrbanColour-19 UrbanColour-20 UrbanColour-21 UrbanColour-22 UrbanColour-23 UrbanColour-24 UrbanColour-25